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News and Media About Topline Lowlines
News and Media about Lowlines in General

News and Media About Topline Lowlines
Story Publishing came out with a new book in 2009 called "Storey's Guide to Raising Miniature Cattle" by Carol Ekarius and guess whose photo is in the book again...Supreme!

Storey Publishing came out with a new book in 2008 "Storey's Illustrated Guide to Sheep, Goats, Cattle and Pigs" by Carol Ekarius. See the section on Lowlines (yeah!). Check out the photo of our Binnowee Supreme.

In July 2007, Topline Lowlines was featured in Cascade Cattlemen magazine.
See it here...Cover, Article page 1, Article page 2

In Western Farm, Ranch and Dairy Magazine, an article about Lowlines and the Northwest Lowline Association. Click here then go to page 22.

News and Media about Lowlines in General
September 2009 - Lowline-cross steers, exhibited by Margo Hayes of Vitulus Lowline Stud, were the clear winners in the carcass competition at Royal Brisbane Show 2009. Never before in the history of the Royal Brisbane Show has a single exhibitor or breed won both the lightweight and heavyweight section of the Carcass competition. This was out of 255 entries represented by all breeds.
Already the serious led steer breeders are asking for Lowline bulls for their next lot of calves. The winning lightweight steer was an 18-month-old (75% Lowline, 25% Senepol) weighing 396kg [871 lb.]. His fat score was absolutely perfect and he got maximum marbling points with an EMA of 83 and a dressing percentage of 57.6% and yield percentage of 64%. He then went onto to win Grand Champion carcass of the show. He also won the MSA Eating Quality Award for his class.

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