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On this page, you'll find some interesting information about Lowline cattle. Please check back as we'll be adding more info as we get it.

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Why Lowline Cattle?
Articles About Lowline Cattle
Studies involving Lowline Cattle
Lowline Cattle History

Why Lowline Cattle?

Investment Opportunity
Without a doubt the Lowline cattle are a very successful niche market. It is rapidly growing and will continue to expand as they gain recongnition for their strong attributes. Lowlines are ideal for these markets:
·seedstock breeders
·grassfed locker beef
·4-H projects
·cross with other beef breeds to improve quality

Docile and Easy to Handle
These Lowline cattle are easy to move around and easy to work. In fact we are even able to give vaccinations to some of our cows without using a chute or any restraint. Lowlines are also a neat animal for children to handle and show. A colleague we visited at the fair commented that many children get discouraged with being dragged around by full sized cattle. Lowlines offer an opportunity for children to experience the care and handling of cattle.

Ideal Locker Beef Size
In today's health concious society, many people don't want large cuts of beef to eat at one sitting. Smaller carcasses produce smaller cuts.

Mature on Grass Alone
If you supply pasture and/or hay, Lowlines will thrive. They do not need grain to reach full maturity. This is significant if you are raising Lowlines as grassfed/natural raised beef. We have personally tasted Lowline beef (from our herd) that was completely grass fed. Result? Absolutely delicious...tender and flavorful.

In addition, grassfed beef is healthier than grain fed beef. It has:
·More health promoting vitamin E and beta carotene
·More omega 3 fatty acids (considered a good fat). Omega 3 originates in the green leaves of plants and algae.
· Three to five times more CLA. In early research studies CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) looks to be one of the most potent cancer fighters.
·Less total fat and calories. Grain is used to speed growth and add bulk, so it makes for fattier animals.
·Less omega 6. Grain is high in omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 6 has been linked with a number of disorders and diseases.
·Decreased risk of E. coli bacteria. Grain feeding makes a cow’s digestive tract more acid. This acidic environment speeds the growth of E. coli bacteria.

Small Farm Friendly
Lowlines are easy on fences and facilities. If you have small acreage, Lowlines are ideal since you can put more per acre than full size cattle. Also their smaller size means less damage to pastures.

Need more reasons?
Genetically pure Angus bloodlines
Feed efficiency
Naturally polled - no horns
No dwarf gene
Calving ease
Excellent mothers

Articles About Lowline Cattle
Good Article on the Benefits of Using Lowlines in a Beef Cattle Operation from Western Cowman Magazine
Alturas Ranches & Lowline Cattle

Studies Involving Lowline Cattle

From beeftalk.com
"Matching Calving Ease with Value on the Rail" by Dr. Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU
"Lowline Steer Value Plus Feedlot Performance and Carcass Characteristics" by Dr. Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU

Cloverdale Farms
Rathdrum, ID

Highpoint Lowlines
Metchosin BC, Canada

Sharidon Farms
Richmond, MO

Eldridge Ranch
Sweet, ID

Texas Spur Lowlines
Crosby, Texas

Bogus Creek Lowlines
Meridian, ID

Kobblevale Lowlines
Queensland, Australia

Lamb's Lowlines
Yukon, OK

Northwest Lowline Association

American Lowline Registry
Registry for Lowline cattle in the USA

Australian Lowline Association
Registry for Lowline cattle in Australia

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